Close Interval Survey

NACE Certified CP Testers dispatched to your asset to evaluate the current pipe to soil potentials at consistent intervals and evaluate the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system in place per NACE SP0169 requirements.

  • Knowledgeable technicians can trouble shoot issues on site
  • Can be performed in combination with other over the line services
  • Includes reporting compiled in combination with aerial imagery, depth of cover results, and time stamped GPS locations.
Direct Current Voltage Gradient

NACE Certified CP Testers arrive on your asset, interrupt your rectification, and identify coating holidays using the best technology available on the market.

  • Service can be performed in combination with Close Interval Surveys
  • Meets requirements for commissioning inspections of coating on new construction pipelines
  • reporting includes aerial imagery, coating defect sizing, and easy

Specialized Solutions

Utilizing highly skilled NACE CP3 and CP4 personnel we strive to provide the best technical expertise in custom tailored solutions to suit your exact needs. Whether it’s AC Interference in an HVAC corridor or foreign line bonding, we can help you determine the source of your woes and develop a mitigation plan to actively eliminate threats.


-American Innovations Allegro QX Field Computers

-American Innovations GPS 350 series solid state current interrupters

-BAC MK2 Mobile Pin Brazing, Trimble GNSS Sub-Meter GPS, MC Miller Soil Resistance Meters