Affiliated Services

Southern Brush works with affiliated and commonly-owned Refined Technologies and BioChem Systems to provide additional services to our customers — upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Refined Technologies

At Refined Technologies, we apply our knowledge of chemical cleaning, our experience in refineries and upgraders across North America and our patented and proprietary processes and chemicals in ways that improve the operating performance of our clients’ equipment. Refined Technologies is unlike any other chemical cleaning company because we:

  • Employ refinery professionals
  • Develop detailed cleaning plans that include step-by-step procedures, timelines, and computer-aided drawings
  • Work on a lump-sum basis so there are no cost surprises
  • Provide a guarantee that we will meet project objectives
  • Utilize patented chemicals that are safe to handle, safe for the environment, and formulated to meet unique requirements of the petroleum industry

Refined Technologies is comprised of professionals with significant experience in refinery engineering and process supervision. We appreciate the needs of refinery personnel because we have served as refinery employees. As we work in your plant to confirm project scope, develop chemical cleaning plans, and execute the cleaning project, we apply our experience with full appreciation for the needs of your team.

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BioChem Systems

BioChem Systems is a recognized leader in formulating safe solvents used in a variety of industries to remove hydrocarbons from metal. The company has a strong presence in novel strategies for cleaning large petroleum storage tanks and railroad tank cars. BioChem also manufactures a premium parts washer solvent that is popular for electrical component cleaning.

Since the day BioChem was founded in 1984, the primary focus of the company has been to replace hazardous chemicals in the workplace with safe and effective alternatives. Unlike many chemical companies that simply sell their products, BioChem serves as a resource for detailed cleaning strategies.

The legacy line of BioChem products originated in 1984 with a request to replace 1, 1, 1 trichloroethane (TCA).

The objective was to find a product that cleaned as well as, or better than, TCA. The product had to be biodegradable and safe for workers and the environment. The product could not contain chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, acids, caustics, or other hazardous chemicals. After one year of detailed lab testing and field evaluations, the first product, “Alpha-Bio T,” was developed. Later the product was renamed “Bio T Max.”

BioChem specializes in:

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