Track Record

Southern Brush is a registered contractor with both ISNetword (400-128743) and Veriforce and carries a total recordable incident rate of 0.0. We work hard to maintain our decades-long reputation of providing safe solutions in every circumstance.


Safety 3-6-5
Our 3-6-5 approach to safety enhances our safety culture by fostering goodwill and driving home the importance of safety in our company all year long. The name says it all: 365 days a year we need to operate safely at our office, in the field, in transit, and at home.

Every member of our organization regards injuries as unacceptable and works to prevent them. Our employees and subcontractors take ownership of our safety program because they are actively engaged in its development, training, and application. Employees are fully empowered to identify potential hazards, stop work, and correct dangerous situations.

Our effective safety programs allow employees to feel more confident in the work environment and maintain high productivity, enabling them to increase focus on serving our clients.

3 Safety Philosophies
  1. Nothing is worth getting injured over.

  2. All near misses and accidents are preventable.

  3. Safety must be actively managed.

6 Golden Rules of Safety
  1. I will drive responsibly without distractions or impairments.

  2. I will think before I start and know my safety plan every day.

  3. I will only undertake the work for which I am trained.

  4. I will take responsibility for my safety and the safety of those around me at work, home, or in transit.

  5. I will intervene in any unsafe act.

  6. I will report all incidents and near misses.

5 Good Reasons Why I Want To Be Safe

The five in 3-6-5 stands for personal reasons why employees want to be safe. Employees are mindful of what’s important in their lives.

  1. Our Family.

  2. Our Colleagues.

  3. Our Friends.

  4. Our Clients.

  5. Any other significant reason or motivation to remain safe – we each have our own.

Southern Brush is committed to continually improving safety. We believe that zero incidents is a goal we can achieve and that no one should get hurt while working at Southern Brush.